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Hermetic Resources

Personal Instruction

The Hermetic Arts and Sciences are a living tradition that is best learned in person from a teacher or teachers who have both a wide understanding of the entire subject, as well as specialized expertise in one or more areas.

Online Articles and Essays

Over two-dozen highly informative essays on the historical, philosophical, and technical aspects of Traditional Western Esotericism.  Article Abstracts


The following links contains resources from the Institute’s Website that have been translated into additional languages.

The Institute is seeking assistance in translating its online Articles and Essays from English into additional languages.  If you would like to assist with this project contact us for additional information.

Special Resources

Out-of-print essays, magazine articles, books, lectures, and monographs from various publications and esoteric organizations.  These can downloaded for a slight fee.

Correspondence Course
The Institute for Hermetic Studies is preparing a correspondence course on Hermeticism and esotericism.  The purpose of the course is to give each student a complete overview of the philosophy, theory, practice, and practical application as it relates to each topic.  Each course will have footnotes, explanatory notations for difficult sections, and a resource guide – including a thorough bibliography to assist in individual research –be it academic or practical in nature.

“Until this course is completed, we are suggesting that students interested in pursuing an independent course of study in Hermeticism contact the following:

Triad Publishing - The former publishing arm of the Philosophers of Nature (PON). Triad produced Courses, videos, and seminars on plant and mineral alchemy, qabala, and general esotericism. Visit this link for more information on the former PON and Triad Publishing.

Adam McLean’s Alchemical Symbolism Course - A complete overview of alchemical symbolism, its meanings, and uses.

Kepler College of Astrological Arts and Sciences - A complete course in all aspects of medieval, modern, and traditional astrology, including Western and Eastern systems.

View a list of Hermetic Institute correspondences courses.

Through its online store the Institute for Hermetic Studies offers a complete line of esoteric products and resources:  books, tools, herbs, incense, oils, statues, art work, astrological services, and hard to find items particular to the Western Esoteric Tradition, Mineral and Plant Alchemy. More Information

Astrological Services
The institute for Hermetic Studies offers a complete line of astrological services including: Natal Charts; Forecasts; Solar, Lunar, and Planetary Returns; Astromaps for relocation or vacation planning specializing in Love and Romance, Career, Family and Friendship, Imagination and Inspiration, or Excitement and Change.

All charts are sent printed and bound, unless otherwise requsted. If you would like to discuss your chart with a qualified astrologer, the Institute can make one available to you at an additional charge.

For more information or to place an order, email

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