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Ahmsta Kebez: The Science of the Universal Awe, Vol. 1 - Yagan
Tantra: The Way of Action - King

Ahmsta Kebzeh: The Science of Universal Awe, Vol. 1
By Murat Yagan
Kebzeh Publications
Vernon, British Columbia
P.388, illustrated, index,

Part autobiography, part anthropology, and part manual, Yagan's Ahmsta Kebzeh is a first rate introduction to the indigenous esoteric practices of the Caucasus Mountains. Written in an informal and conversational style Yagan recounts his life as a native son of Abkhazia in the Caucasus Mountains, life as a teenager in Turkey where he was instructed by the Bekatshi dervishes, and his later emigration to Canada in 1963.

As the Elder of a tradition often called, "Caucausian Yoga", students of Gurdjieff will find similarities in the philosophy, but will be pleased to find not just ideas, but actual keys to unlocking those inner mysteries, as well a practical techniques in meditation, breathing, and daily living.

Long known for being among the longest living people, extensive sections deal with traditional eating habits, exercise, and attitudes towards aging. Among the more interesting exercises presented is a series of breathing exercises similar to the 'Microcosmic Orbit' of Chinese Chi Kung.

This is a book that has something for everyone, as traditional attitudes towards sex, relationships, community, and nature are explored in detail. Students of the Celtic shamanism will find Yagan's material in sympathy to their own, with the two possibly being related in the ancient past of human migration. Interpretations of Christian and Islamic scripture along esoteric lines adds value to the volume by illustrating how the tradition has managed to survive intact as well as having a universal approach that can help shed light on neighboring religions.

The Circassians are the direct descendents of the ancient Hittites, and holders of their spiritual traditions.

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Tantra: The Way of Action
By Francis King
Destiny Books
Rochester, VT. 1990
Bibliography, Index

King's Tantra: The Way of Action is a nice addition to literature on the topic of tantra, particularly as it relates to modern Western occult practices, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, the OTO, and Crowley.

King's writing is clear, concise, and the small book is filed with a great deal of practical information on the topic. Tackling difficult questions and giving an honest appraisal of both Indian and Western 'traditions', King makes Tantra more accessible to the average reader, especially ones who may not be interested in practicing its sexual methods, but still want an understanding of what tantra is all about and how it came to the West.

Several of the chapters deal with Western techniques for raising kundalini, as well as the role of the Middle Pillar Exercise in kundalini awakening.

There is a an appendix devoted to comparing Chinese Alchemy with Indian Laya (ie. Kundalini, or Tantric) Yoga, as well as a ritual invocation of Shakti based on the Golden Dawn Rituals of the Pentagram and "Invocation of the Bornless One". It is a good book, and its only problem is that it is too short. There is so much to be said in this area. We suggest that you read it along with the following article: "Secret Fire: Kundalini in Alchemical and Qabalistic Practices" by Mark Stavish, previously published by The Philosophers of Nature in their journal The Stone, and now online at:

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